Grillo FX 20 Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [12/68]
FX 20 / Translation of the original instructions
- 10 -
necessary to put it parallel to the ground. Before acting on the adjusting screw (fig. 15, ref. B), loosen the
corresponding fixing screws (fig. 15, ref. C). If a satisfactory parallel set-up cannot be achieved, contact
an Authorised Service Centre.
To remove the cutting device, please follow this procedure:
1) Press the switch (fig. 17, ref. D) until the warning light lights up.
2) Loosen the PTO belt stretcher by turning the corresponding lever (fig. 17, ref. A) and remove the
belt from the cutting deck pulley.
3) Carry out points 1-2-3 listed in the paragraph "CUTTING DECK TILTING".
4) When the cutting deck frame wheels lift from the ground, stop the tilting and put the cutting height
indicator in position "2" (fig. 2, no. 10).
5) Disconnect the connector of the electrical system (fig. 20, ref. A).
6) Lift the red safety hooks (fig. 18, ref. A).
7) Catch the cutting deck frame frontally and remove it from its place.
Attention! Never unlock the switch (fig. 17, ref. D) when the cutting device is off. The cutting deck fixing
arms could violently hit the upper part of the machine with the risk of damaging things or people close to
the machine.
To connect the cutting device back to the machine:
1) Approach the hinges to the hooks by lifting and setting them into their groove.
2) Tighten the red safety hooks (fig. 16, ref. B) and connect the electrical system connector (fig. 20, ref. A).
3) Turn the ignition key into "ON" (without starting the engine). Unlock the switch (fig. 17, ref. D); the
warning light has to be off.
4) Set the PTO belt into the pulley on the deck and tighten it by turning the corresponding lever (fig. 17, ref. A).
5) Lower the mobile foot rest platform (fig. 13, ref. B) and fix the cutting deck with the corresponding red
locking levers (fig. 14, ref. A).
Attention! This is a special belt, USE ORIGINAL BELTS.
To replace it, loosen the tie rod by acting on the corresponding lever (fig. 17, ref. A) and remove the belt
from the pulley on the cutting deck. Loosen the electromagnetic clutch protection (fig. 21, ref. A) and let it
slide towards the rear part of the machine. In this way it is possible to remove the belt completely from
the electromagnetic clutch.
To set the tension use a no. 13 spanner to turn the nut that adjusts the tension spring (fig. 19, ref. B).
The spring must be compressed to a length of 85 mm.
With the key in the «AVV.»
[ON] position the instrument
panel remains off
The battery is not providing any
- Check the connecting cables
- Recharge the battery
- Replace the fuse
The battery is not providing
enough current
- Recharge the battery
The instrument panel comes on,
but the starter motor does not
turn with the key in «ON»
No consent is given to start
- Feed levers in the «STOP» position
- Disengage the blades
Carburettor problems
- Clean or replace the air filter
- Check that there is no air aspiration in the fuel pipes
- Bleed the supply system
Difficult starting or
engine irregular running
Sediment or dirt in the fuel - Check the petrol filter (and replace if necessary)
The starter motor turns but the
engine will not start
No petrol flow
- Check fuel level in the tank
- Make sure that the taps on the tanks are open
- Check the petrol filter (and replace if necessary)
- Check that no silt has clogged the breather
hole in the fuel cap
- Check the solenoid on the carburettor