Grillo FX 20 Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [6/68]
FX 20 / Translation of the original instructions
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Dear Customer,
thank you for having purchased our Grillo FX 20. We are confident that this machine will fully satisfy all
your requirements. To use and maintain the mower at its best, we urge you to read and observe carefully
the directions given in this handbook; this will ensure the best possible results and will also safeguard
your investment. Please keep this handbook in a safe place. It should accompany the machine
throughout its working life.
The Grillo FX 20 machine is a lawnmower with operator on board, designed for the cut of grass in both
the mulching and rear discharge system.
Read carefully before turning the engine on. The following warnings are
important for operator safety!
Caution is the main safeguard in preventing accidents.
We urge you to read the following warnings for the mower's use, before starting any work at all. Improper
use of the mower and its equipment can be dangerous; to reduce the risks to the minimum, observe the
necessary precautions set out below.
1) Read the whole of this manual before turning on and using the mower for the first time.
2) Pay particular attention to the warnings and safety labels set out around the mower.
3) Before allowing others to use the machine, make sure they are aware of the safety precautions and
how the mower is used.
4) Before starting work, always change into suitable working clothes, gloves, boots and goggles.
5) Wear special acoustic protection (ear defenders) during work.
6) Before turning on the machine, make sure there are no persons around it; especially children.
7) Before driving the machine in reverse, make sure there are no persons or obstacles in the way.
8) Check the condition of the ground before mowing. Make sure there are no stones, sticks or other
objects, which could be run over and become a danger when projected.
9) If any impact with a foreign object occurs, disengage the blade, turn off the engine, remove the
ignition key and examine the lawnmower. If the machine vibrates, have it repaired.
10) Before getting off the mower, turn off the engine, disengage the PTO and remove the ignition key.
11) Always drive slowly along uneven paths.
12) Keep the speed down when driving down slopes.
13) Always turn slowly when driving downhill.
14) The user is always liable for any damage caused to third parties.
15) Deformed or damaged blades must always be replaced, never just repaired.
16) Always use original Grillo spare parts and accessories.
17) Only work in sunlight or under effective artificial lighting.
18) Only store fuel in suitable containers designed for the purpose.
19) Be very careful when working close to a road.
20) Tilt and clean the cutting deck only when the machine stands motionless and on a flat ground.
21) Allow the engine to cool down before putting the machine away in a closed environment.
22) Do not allow passengers to ride on the machine.
23) Do not allow underage children to operate it; use is prohibited to children under 16.
24) Do not operate the machine when tired or after drinking alcohol.
25) Do not operate the mower near to ditches or verges which could collapse under the weight of the
machine, especially when the surface is loose or wet.
26) Do not stop when working up or down slopes.
27) Do not allow any fuel spillage and after filling the tank wipe away any spilled fuel before starting the engine.
28) Do not tamper with the safety devices or disable them.
29) Do not change the engine settings, especially the maximum number of revs.
30) Do not rest heavy loads on the seat, the starter safety device could become disengaged.
31) Never attempt any adjustments or cleaning with the engine running.
32) Never allow anyone to check the machine while you are seated at the controls with the engine running.