Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [19/133]
System menu operation
You can adjust the system setting in this unit by entering into the system menu, please read the below details operation for
each system menu items:
Access into System Menu Function List
Press and hold MENU button for more than 3 seconds to enter the system menu items. Navigate through the menu items
by rotating the VOLUME knob clockwise or anti-clockwise to move to the next or previous option. Once the needed
option appears on the display, press MENU button to confirm and select the menu item.
Note: after entering the MENU mode you have 10 seconds to choose particular item, if no selection or adjustment made
within the 10 seconds the unit will resume to the previous mode. You can also press AS/PS button to return quick to the
previous mode without waiting the 10 seconds time out.
Audio Menu
Navigate through the audio menu items by pressing MENU button repeatedly. Once the needed menu item appears on the
display, select the option by pressing NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons and then rotate the VOLUME knob or pressing
VOL+/VOL- buttons to adjust the needed setting value.
Note: The unit will automatically exit the audio menu after 10 seconds of time out.
The following audio menu items can be adjusted as described above.
1. LEVEL: adjust the XBASS level from Low, Middle (MID) or High.
2. P.FREQ: adjust the XBASS peak frequency as 400Hz, 800Hz or 2.4KHz.
3. BOOST: adjust the XBASS booster to FLAT mode or ON mode.
Note: The XBASS option will only appear in the audio menu if the X-BASS feature is currently activated.