Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [62/133]
 If any storage media is not available on the unit, like USB Stick or Memory Card, Rotating the encoder volume knob
will not display this media.
 If this unit detected the selected media memory capacity is used up or the file size being download is bigger than the
media memory capacity left, “Memory Full” will be displayed.
2. Once selected the storage media, Press ENTER button to confirm the selection and the file download will begin.
3. During the MP3 music file download is processing, the display will show the percentage done. After the MP3 file
download is completed, the display will shown “OK” to indicate the Music file download is completed successfully.
This unit will automatically reconnect with the last connected Bluetooth device after the file download is completed.
Notes: The downloaded MP3 music file will be automatically saved as a file inside the folder “MY_BT” by the advance
“File Management” System in this unit.
1. Never remove the USB stick while file downloading to USB stick, it may damage the USB stick and sometimes will
cause the unit system lock up.
2. Never try to insert a USB stick while the download is under progress to other storage device. Only after the download
is completed, then insert the USB stick.
3. Do not try to switch mode of the unit during the file download is under progress.
4. Do not try to turn off the power of the unit during the file download is under progress.
5. Do not switch off the ignition key during the file download is under progress.
6. Do not detach the front panel during the file download is under progress.
To cancel/terminate the file download to this unit
If you want to cancel the file download, press BAND/CLEAR button to terminate the file download instantly.
To Playback The File Download Into This Unit
User can listen to the downloaded music files by first switching the mode to the storage device, and search inside the
music folder “MY_BT”. This unit will automatically create a music folder named “MY_BT” on the storage device to
store all the music files download from the Bluetooth device. All the music file playback operation is same as
CD/MP3/WMA operation.
Hands free phoning is not supported while music file download