Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [36/133]
SD/MMC operations
Loading and ejecting SD/MMC
Press EJECT button to slide down the panel. Insert the SD/MMC card with the label side up into the corresponding slot.
Attach the front panel. To remove the memory card, detach the front panel, push the card till you hear a click sound, then
pull out the card from the slot.
Memory Card Mode Selection
After a SD or MMC card was inserted into the main unit card slot, press MODE/TRANSFER button to select Memory
Card mode. The unit will display “Memory Card” for a while then start reading the files contained on the memory card.
Once the unit reads the memory card successfully, the first audio music file on the memory card will automatically
played. Press MODE/TRANSFER button repeatedly to switch to other modes or switch back to Memory Card mode.
 If no memory card is inserted into the slot, press MODE/TRANSFER button to automatically skip Memory Card
 The unit supports SD/MMC memory cards up to 2 Gb.
Music File Playback Operation
All the SD/MMC memory card playback operations are same as the operations on CD/MP3/WMA.