Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [35/133]
USB operations
Loading and ejecting USB drive
Insert the USB drive into the corresponding slot with the help of a USB extension cable included. Never detach the front
panel when a USB stick is plugged in the slot. Always remove USB stick before detaching the panel.
USB Mode Selection
In any other mode while inserting a USB stick into the slot, the unit will automatically switch from current mode to USB
Host mode. The unit will display “USB Host” for a while, and then start reading the files contained on the USB stick.
Once the unit read the USB stick successfully, playback of the first audio music file on the USB stick will start
automatically. Press MODE/TRANSFER button repeatedly to change to other modes or switch back to USB Host mode.
 Before removing the USB stick from the slot. Always remember to switch off the unit’s power or switch to other
mode. Never try to remove the USB stick while playing music file on the USB stick. It may damage the USB stick
and sometimes will cause the unit system lock up.
 The unit can support a music player, which has a USB interface. However, due to the fast changing decoder
technology and different kinds of hardware interface. This unit may or may not be compatible to all the music
players and USB sticks, especially those USB sticks/players, which require installing a program driver.
 About music flash player with USB interface: usually the unit takes a longer time to read this kind of player than
normal USB stick. For the flash player with a built-in power battery sometimes takes 20-30 seconds to start up the
 The unit is not compatible with any portable hard disk.
 The unit supports USB sticks up to 2 Gb.
Music File Playback Operation
All the USB memory card playback operations are the same as the operations of CD/MP3/WMA.