Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [39/133]
To pause recording
This unit allows user to pause the recording. This is a useful function for the user to cut commercial or advertises
program, which he may not want to record into file. During recording, press PAU/1 button to pause the recording. The
display will show “REC PAUSE -:--:--” until PAU/1 button is pressed again to resume the recording.
Recording CD music
This operation can be performed only when the unit is in CD playback mode.
1. Play a track to be recorded, then press and hold TA/RECORD/COPY button on the front panel to activate the Record
2. The display will show “RECORD” symbol as default. Rotate VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- button to
navigate through MMC/SD card or USB stick to select the storage media.
Note: Only the inserted media device can be shown for selection when rotating the knob. Any media device not inserted
in this unit will not be shown.
3. Once selected the storage media, press ENTER button to confirm starting the record to this selected media. If no
further button is pressed within a 10 second period, the unit will automatically resume to the previous mode.
4. After pressing ENTER button to start recording, the unit will restart playback from the beginning of the track and the
recording will start at the same time. If unit detects the selected media memory capacity is used up, “Memory full”
will be shown on the display for a while, then automatically resume to previous mode.
5. Under record processing, the display will show “RECORDfollowing with the elapsed time.
6. When the recording is completed, the display will show “RECORD OK!for a while and the unit will automatically
playback the next music track on the CD. The recorded music is automatically saved as a file into the folder,
“MY_CD” by the advanced “File Management” system of the unit.
 In recording mode, all the FM/iPod/AUX operations are not functional.
 The audio will remain in recording mode even if Mute function is activated.
 The recording will automatically stop if the storage device memory is full.