Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [61/133]
 Removable USB stick
 SD/MMC memory card
Setting ready download MP3 music file mode on this unit
Before starting to transfer an MP3 music file to this unit, user must switch this unit to “Ready for Download” mode as per
the below instruction:
1. Access into the MENU of BT – DOWNLOAD mode to activate the READY DOWNLOAD procedure and then
press ENTER button to confirm.
Please see Menu operation for more details of how to access into the MENU of BT –DOWNLOAD mode.
This unit will automatically disconnect the connection with the current Bluetooth device under the download mode. This
unit will automatically reconnect with the last connected Bluetooth device after the file downloaded is completed.
2. Once “READY for RECEIVE” appears on the display, user can start sending MP3 music files from the other
Bluetooth device to this unit.
Start download MP3 music file from Bluetooth device to this unit
1. When this unit displays “READY for RECEIVE”, user has 2 minutes time to operate the file download operation on
the Bluetooth device.
2. Select an MP3 music file on the Bluetooth device that needs to be downloaded to this unit, and choose “send via
Bluetooth”. Now the Bluetooth device will enter into searching mode. After searching is completed and “BT70
should appear on the list.
3. Select “BT70” to confirm starting the download.
4. When this unit displays “RECEIVE FILE”, user can press ENTER button on this unit to confirm accepting the
download from the Bluetooth device.
Select a media device to store the MP3 music file download from Bluetooth device
After confirmation of accepting the download, user can select the desired storage media to store the MP3 music file on
this unit:
1. When the display shows , rotate VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- button to navigate through
USB/Card for selection of the storage media.
 Please make sure to keep the Bluetooth device within 2 meters from the unit during the music file download.