Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [21/133]
Choose the needed one by pressing MENU button.
 The factory default iEQ setting is "FLAT"
 Once the iEQ function is activated, if you adjust the audio setting like BASS/MIDDLE/TREBLE/SUBWOOFR, the
iEQ setting will automatically resume to FLAT mode.
System Function Menu
Rotate the VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- buttons to adjust the setting. Press MENU to confirm and go to the next
entry and press NEXT button to choose the next setting.
Date set
(1) mm (month) from 01(Jan) to 12 (Dec)
(2) dd (Date) from 01 (1st) to 31 (31st)
(3) www (week day) from Mon(Monday) to Sun (Sunday)
(4) yy (year)
Clock Set
The time of the clock will be set to 12:00 as the default.
Time Format
This option allows the selection of 12 hour or 24 hour time display format. “12 Hour” is the default setting.
Battery Level
This is a level indicator of your current car battery voltage condition. (Cannot be adjusted).
Note: If the battery level indicates 10 Volt or below, it is highly recommended that the user should consult with the
nearest installer or dealer to check the battery condition.
Key Beep Tone
The beep tone feature allows the selection of an audible beep tone to be heard each time any button is being pressed on
the panel of this unit. Default setting is ON. Rotate the VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- buttons to select the “Off
Program Volume