Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [7/133]
Detach the unit
Removing the panel Attaching the panel
Note: DO NOT insert the D.C.P from the left side. Doing so may damage it. The D.C.P can easily be damaged by shocks.
After removing it, place it in a protective case and be careful not to drop it or subject it to strong shocks. When the release
button is pressed and the D.C.P is unlocked, the car's vibrations may cause it to fall. To prevent damage to the D.C.P,
always store it in a protective case after detaching it. Be careful not to damage it by pressing on it with fingernails, pens,
screwdrivers, etc.
If the D.C.P is dirty, wipe off the dirt with soft, dry cloth only. And use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl
alcohol to clean the socket on the back of the D.C.P.
Resetting the unit:
After releasing the front panel, use a pencil or any non-metallic object to press & hold the RESET button
for five seconds to reset the unit.
1. Attach the panel at the right side first, with point B on the
main unit touching point A on the D.C.P. (As shown on the
2. Then press the left side of D.C.P. onto the main unit until a
“click” sound is heard.
1. Turn the power off
2. Press the D.C.P. release button
3. Remove the D.C.P.