Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [54/133]
 Please make sure to keep the pairing Bluetooth device within 2 meters from this unit when making the pairing.
 To cancel the pairing, user can press BAND/CLEAR button at anytime.
4. Password Input: on the Bluetooth device input minimum 1 and up to maximum 4 of any numeric number between 0 to
9, as the password for this unit.
6. Enter the same password on the receiver. To do this, rotate the VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- buttons to
choose between 0 to 9, then press MENU button to confirm the first digit. And so on with other digits.
5. Press MODE button to confirm the password input, and the pairing process should start.
7. If the pairing is successful, the display will display ”PAIRING OK“ and the Bluetooth device's name. If the pairing
failed, “PAIRING FAILED” will be displayed for 3 seconds, and the unit will automatically switch back to the previous
 If this unit is connected to a Bluetooth device, this unit cannot be detected (searched) by another Bluetooth device.
User should first disconnect the current connected device, in order to allow this unit to be detectable/searchable by
another Bluetooth device.
 During the Pairing, only the CLEAR, VOLUME +/- and MUTE buttons are functional, all the other function keys
are disabled and non-operational during the pairing mode.
You can disconnect or reconnect with the paired Bluetooth device by following operation:
Note: Once any Bluetooth device is paired with this unit, user can select this paired device to be connected or
disconnected, this is called "Connecting".
This unit will automatically reconnect with the paired device in the following conditions:
1. Every time the ignition key is turned from off to on, this unit will automatically reconnect with the last connected
Bluetooth Device.
2. Every time when MODE button is pressed to confirm the dialing of an outgoing call, this unit will automatically
reconnect with the mobile phone once (only if this mobile phone has been paired with the unit previously).