Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [64/133]
Handling discs
 Dirty, scratched or warped discs may cause skip ping or noise.
 Handle the disc only by the edges. To keep clean do not touch its surface.
 Discs should be stored in their cases after use to avoid scratches.
 Do not expose discs to direct sunlight, high humidity, high temperature or dust.
 Prolonged exposure to extreme temperature can wrap the disc (such as leaving the discs in your car during
 Do not stick or write anything on either side of disc. Sharp writing instruments, or the inks used in some felt-tip pens,
may damage its surface.
 Do not touch the unlabeled side. Do not attach any seal, label or data protection sheet to either side of a disc.
Cleaning the cabinet
Wipe with a soft cloth. If the cabinet is very dampen (not dropping wet) the cloth with a weak solution of soapy water,
and then wipe clean.
Cleaning discs
Fingerprints should be carefully wiped from the surface of disc with a soft cloth. Unlike
conventional records, compact discs have no grooves to collect dust and macroscopic dirt, so
gently wiping them with a soft cloth should remove must panicles. Wipe in a straight motion from
the center to the edge.
Never use thinner benzine, record cleaner or anti static spray on a compact disc. Such chemicals can damage its plastic