Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [41/133]
Music files transferring
Thanks for the most useful and convenient files transferring function of this unit, you can easily transfer music files
between, USB Stick, SD or MMC Memory card and on the CD Disc.
Transferable media
Files are transferable within the following media:
 Removable USB Stick
 SD/MMC Memory Card
Supported file formats: MP3andWMA
Transfering MP3 or WMA music files from CD disc
This operation only can be performed during disc playing a MP3 or WMA music file.
1. Playback a music file to be transferred and then press and hold the TA/RECORD/COPY button to activate the Transfer
2. Rotate VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- button to choose the storage media.
Note: if storage media is not inserted, it cannot be chosen.
3. Once selected the storage media, Press MENU button as confirmation to transfer the playing file.
Note: If button is not pressed within a 5 second, the unit will automatically resume to the previous mode.
4. The playing music file will stop and the transferring will start at the same time. If the unit detected the selected media
memory capacity is used up, “MEMORY FULL” will be displayed on the display for a while then automatically resume
to the previous mode.
5. When the transfer is processing, the display will show “COPY
6. When the file transfer is completed, the display will show “COPY OK” for a while and automatically playback the
next music file on disc. The transferred music file is automatically saved as a file into folder “MY_MP3” or “MY_WMA
by the advanced “File Management” system of this unit.