Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [50/133]
2. Before using Bluetooth, please make sure you completed pairing with your mobile phone first. Please refer to the
user manual, section “Pairing”. To ensure the best reception for pairing or reconnection, please make sure the phone
battery is fully charged.
3. “BT70” is unit model number, which is displayed on the mobile phone.
4. To achieve the best performance, please always keep the mobile phone within 3 meters of the head unit.
5. Please always keep a clear path between the mobile phone and the head unit, especially metal objects.
6. Some brands of mobile phone like Sony Ericsson may have "Power Saving Mode" selection when Bluetooth mode is
switched on. Please do not switch ON Power Saving Mode when operating with this head unit, as some abnormal
communal behavior will happen occasionally.
7. Before you make Outgoing call or Incoming call, make sure the mobile phone's “Bluetooth function” is switched
8. To ensure the best conversation quality/performance, please always keep talking within 1 meter of the head unit.
9. If you want to disconnect the head unit with the mobile phone, please switch off Bluetooth connection on the mobile
phone or go to the system menu “disconnect” to disconnect the Bluetooth connection manually (please refer to the
user manual, section “disconnection of the Bluetooth system” for details instruction).
10. Some mobile phones can support “IN BAND RING TONE”, such as Nokia. In such case, the Incoming Ringing
Tone will be the same as the original Ring-tone of the mobile phone. But some mobile phones like Sony Ericsson do
not support this feature. The Ring-tone will be using the standard Ring-tone of the Head unit.
11. When in telephone mode, during talking, it is highly recommended to set the volume below “30” in order to achieve
the best sound quality. As if the volume is too high, it may create unwanted echo inside the car, and this unwanted
echo may feedback into the microphone.
12. If the Bluetooth related operation is not performing normally, like cannot make pairing, cannot make an outgoing
call, you can try to make a SOFT-RESET of the Bluetooth module by removing/detaching the panel from the main
unit and waiting for about 1 min. Then reattach the panel to the unit and retry the Bluetooth operation again. Or you
can RESET the whole unit by pressing RESET button behind the panel. By pressing RESET button all the stored
memory will resume to factory default.