Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [53/133]
5. Press ENTER (MENU) button to start the pairing with the selected device in the list.
6. Password Input: input minimum 1 and up to maximum 4 of any numeric number between 0 to 9, as the password for
this unit.
To do this, rotate the VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- buttons to choose between 0 to 9, then press MENU
button to confirm the first digit. And so on with other digits.
7. Press MODE button to confirm the password input, and the Pairing process should start.
8. "BT70" should appear on the pairing device, select and accept pair with "BT70" and then input the same password
which was input on this unit previously.
Note: Please refer to the instruction manual of the Bluetooth device on how to enter into the Bluetooth set up, Bluetooth
on/off, and Bluetooth pairing.
9. If the pairing is successful, the display will display “PAIRING OK!and the Bluetooth device's name. If the pairing
failed, “PAIRING FAILED!” will be displayed for 3 seconds, and the unit will automatically switch back to the
previous mode.
Note: During the Pairing, only the CLEAR, Volume +/- and MUTE buttons are functional, all the other function keys are
disabled and non-operational during the pairing mode.
Method 2 – Searching this unit for Pairing “from other Bluetooth Device”.
1. Set the other Bluetooth device, which needs to be paired with this unit into "Searching" mode.
 To allow this unit searching by the other device, the “VISIBILITY” in the MENU of BT must be set to “SHOW
Please refer to MENU of BT for more details of how to set the “VISIBILTY” mode.
 Please refer to the instruction manual of your Bluetooth device on how to enter the Bluetooth device searching mode.
2. When searching is completed, “BT70”should appear in the Bluetooth device, select “BT70” and confirm to start the
pairing process.
3. Once the “PAIR WITH?” and the device name is displayed on this unit, press ENTER button to confirm and start the