Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [9/133]
Using the ISO Connector
1. If your car is equipped with the ISO connector, then connect the ISO connectors as
2. For connections without the ISO connectors, check the wiring in the vehicle carefully
before connecting, incorrect connection may cause serious damage to this unit.
Cut the connector, connect the colored leads of the power cord to the car battery as shown in
the color code table below for speaker and power cable connections.
Pin Wire color Function/Label
A4 Yellow Battery (+)
A5 Blue Power antenna
A7 Red Ignition (ACC)
A8 Black Ground
B1 Violet Right rear speaker ( + )
B2 Violet/Black Right rear speaker (-)
 Grey Right front speaker ( + )
4 Grey/Black Right front speaker (-)
5 White Left front speaker (+)
6 White/Black Left front speaker (-)
7 Green Left rear speaker ( + )
8 Green/Black Left rear speaker (-)