Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [24/133]
When the unit is turned on, there are different types of animation display mode that you can select:
1. Movie 1
2. Movie 2
3. Graphic 1
4. Graphic 2
5. Clock Time
6. Spectrum 1
7. All: Display all above and wallpapers in cycle.
8. Off: Display the current playback mode only.
Wall Paper
“OFF” is the default setting. There are two animation wallpapers for user selection. The selected wallpaper will be
displayed during playback mode, like Tuner, CD/MP3 playback, etc.
Screen Saver
"OFF" is the default setting. If selected "ON", in every 15 min the display will show the Clock Time for 15 seconds
regardless what the current mode is.
Media Setting Menu
The following items can be adjusted once entered the media menu:
Record Mode – Record Quality selection