Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [65/133]
Troubleshooting guide
Symptom Cause Solution
No power The car ignition is not on.
The fuse is blown.
If the power supply is properly connected to
the car accessory switch the ignition key to
Replace the fuse.
Disc cannot be loaded. Presence of disc inside the player. Remove the disc in the player then put a new
Disc cannot be read. Inserting the disc in upside down.
Compact disc is extremely dirty or
Temperature inside the car is too high.
Insert the compact disc with the label facing
Clean the disc or try to play a new one.
Cool off until the ambient temperature returns
to normal.
No sound Volume is in minimum.
Wiring is not properly connected.
Adjust volume to a desired level.
Check wiring connection.
The operation keys do not
The built-in microcomputer is not
operating properly due to noise.
Front panel is not properly fix into its
Press RESET button.
Reinstall the front panel.
Sound skips. The installation angle is more than 30
The disc is extremely dirty or defective.
Adjust the installation angle to less than 30
Clean the compact disc/try to play a new one.
The radio does not work,
the radio station automatic
selection does not work.
The antenna cable is not connected the
signals are too weak.
Insert the antenna cable firmly select a station