Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [51/133]
Bluetooth mobile phone compatibility list
This unit can support Bluetooth specification v1.2 or higher, and compatible with Bluetooth profiles such as handsfree or
headset profiles. However the functionality may be limited due to some phones' own dedicated interfacing specification.
This list is only updated to the time this list is being printed. This list gives an example of Bluetooth mobile phone
available on the market, if your Bluetooth mobile phone is not on the list, please try it out in practice or try your phone at
the local dealer or consult with the local dealer in case it is not mentioned in the list.
These mobile phones support Bluetooth functions supported by the unit:
Pairing, Pairing cancel, In-Band Ring Tone, Talk, Reject, AudioTransfer, Volume up/down, Hang up, AudioTransfer,
Volume up/down, Redial last call.
But some models DO NOT support some functions. Not supported by all models of brand functions (listed below) will be
mentioned in brackets near brand name.
Not supported by model functions will be mentioned in brackets near model name.
Sony Ericsson (In-Band Ring Tone): Z600 Advance, Z600 Save mode (Redial last call), T630 Advance, T630 Save mode
(Redial last call), K700i, S700i, Z800i, W800i, W550i Advance, W550i Save mode, W810i.
Nokia: 8910, 6600, 6230, N90, 7600, N91, 6111, 6230i, 7380.
Motorola: V600, E398, V501, V3, V80, V3X.
Panasonic (In-Band Ring Tone): X88.
Sharp (In-Band Ring Tone) :GX-T15, GX-T71.
Siemens & BenQ: S55, S88.
Dopod (In-Band Ring Tone): 818, 565.
MIO (In-Band Ring Tone): A700.
Blackberry: 8700.
Samsung (Redial last call), (In-Band Ring Tone): D508, D528.
LG: KG320.