Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [60/133]
This unit can perform following operations with the connecting audio device which supports AVRCP (Audio Video
Remote Control Profile) and only if the audio device does support AVRCP:
1. Start playing - Every time when user changes mode to BT AUDIO mode, the unit will automatically send a play
command via AVRCP to the audio device to command the auto start playing song in the audio device. The play
command may differ depending on the Audio device. If the audio device is not able to auto start playing songs after
changing mode into BT AUDIO mode, user may need to operate the Play mode on the audio device to start the song
2. Track up/down - by pressing PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons on this unit.
3. Pause/Play – by pressing Pause/Play button on this unit.
4. Volume up/down – by rotating VOLUME knob on this unit.
5. Audio Mute – by pressing POWER/MUTE button on this unit.
6. Stop playback – by changing mode of this unit to any other mode.
The AVRCP operation may vary depending on the audio device; all the other operations other than those listed above
should be performed on the audio device.
Hands-free phoning while Bluetooth audio streaming
If the connected audio device is a mobile phone, the hands free function is still available under the Bluetooth audio
streaming, like answering incoming calls, making an outgoing call, etc.
Disconnecting an audio device with this unit
User can close the Bluetooth audio connection by disconnecting with the audio device. Please refer to the disconnection
operation for more details.
Bluetooth wireless music file download
Thanks to the most advanced and convenient Bluetooth Wireless Technology, user can now wirelessly transfer music files
and download onto this unit’s USB stick or memory card.
Music format supported by download
This unit can only accept downloading MP3 format music files. If any other file formats are transferred to this unit, the
display will show “INVALID FILE”.
Transferable Media
MP3 files can be downloaded and stored into the following media: