Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [23/133]
REGIONAL “OFF” will be displayed by default. If “On” is selected, then during an AF search or PI seek, it will
implement to station, which have all the PI codes, which are the same as the current station. If “Off” is selected, then
during AF search or PI seek the regional code in the format PI code will be ignored. A regional station is possible to be
The Regional function On/Off Setting is valid only when the “AF” function is on.
Display setting menu
The following display items can be adjusted after entering the display menu:
Stand by Disp
Under “ACC On But Power Off” condition, this unit has the following different types of display for selection:
1. Demo: The default display mode is DEMO, and the unit will automatically demo this unit's major features cyclic on
the display.
2. Clock time
3. Graphic 1
4. Graphic 2
5. Movie 1
6. Movie 2
7. OFF: The display will be black