less they are supervised by an individual who
is responsible for their safety or have received
instructions on how to use the device.
Children should be supervised at all times in
order to ensure that they do not play with the
Special Safety Instructions
for this unit
WARNING: Danger of burns!
During operation the temperature of accessible
surfaces can be very high.
Only take hold of the appliance at the buttons
and handles.
Close the lid at the contact area (3).
Do notll above the maximum mark since other-
wise boiling water may splash out and may lead
to injury!
The water level must lie between the minimum
and maximum mark.
Use only cold water whenlling.
Use the appliance only on a level work surface.
Always ensure that the lid is tightly closed.
Please do not open the lid when the water is
Do not move the device and do not touch it
when it is working.
Only use the kettle with the accompanying
Switch the machine off before removing it from
the base.
The base and exterior of the machine must not
become wet.
Intended Use
This appliance is used for heating and boiling wa-
ter. Never use to heat up other uids or foodstuffs.
Only use the appliance in a dry, indoor area. It is
intended for domestic use and similar areas of use
such as e.g.
In staff kitchens in shops, ofces and other
commercial areas;
By guests in hotels, motels and other accom-
modation facilities.
It is not intended for use in farm accommodation
or Bed & Breakfast establishments.
It may only be used in the manner described in
this user manual. You may not use the appliance
for commercial purposes.
Any other use is considered as not intended and
may lead to damage to property or even to per-
sonal injury.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for losses
arising from use other than that for which the appli-
ance is intended.
Supplied parts
1 Kettle 1 Base
1 Lid 1 Lid with a tea strainer
Unpacking the appliance
1. Remove the packaging of the appliance.
2. Remove all packaging material such as plastic
lm,ller material, cable ties and box packag-
3. Check that all parts are in the box.
4. Do not operate the appliance if package con-
tents is incomplete or appear damaged. Return
it immediately to the dealer.
Dust or production residues may still be found on
the appliance. We recommend that you clean the
appliance as described underCleaning”.
Description of parts
1 Spout (opening)
2 Lid
3 Contact area for opening/closing the lid
4 Handle
5 Base
6 Tea strainer