7 Water level indicator
8-11 Function buttons 70°C / 80°C / 9C /
12 Keep warmfunction
13 On/Off
Electrical Connection
Power Requirements
The appliance can consume 3000 W of power in
total. At this power rating we recommend a sepa-
rate lead with fuse protection through a 16 A circuit
Do not use extension leads or multiple sockets
since this appliance is too powerful.
Before plugging the mains plug into the socket,
check if the mains voltage which you want to
use matches that of the appliance. The details
can be found on the name plate on the base.
Only connect the appliance to a properly
installed earthed 220 240 V~, 50 Hz socket.
When connecting to the outlet a buzzer sounds
As soon as you take the kettle from the base,
a buzzer will sound. The appliance returns to
standby mode.
Using the function buttons, you can select the
optimum water temperature of your drink.
You can heat up water to the following specic
temperatures: 70°C, 80°C, 9C and 10C.
Using an additional function, you can keep the
temperature of the water hot at 70°C, 80°C,
You can use the tea strainer to prepare tea in
your kettle.
Before using for the rst time, boil fresh water at
least three times in the appliance. Use only water
without any additives or ingredients.
Always use fresh water.
1. Place the machine on aat surface.
2. Opening the Lid
Press the (3) button. The opener springs open.
You can remove the lid by pulling upwards.
3. Then ll in the water (max. 1.7 Litre).
You can read the lling level on the water level
indicator of the kettle.
4. In order to close the lid, press the (3) button.
The lid must audibly lock into place.
5. Place the kettle ush on the base.
1. Select a temperature using the buttons 8 to 11.
The light on the button will light up.
2. Press the
button. The light on the button will
light up.
The light on the temperature button will
ash whilst the water heats up.
If the temperature has been reached, you
will hear two buzzers.
The light on the button will go out.
The light on the temperature button will
light up until you take the jug from the
Keep warm function:
You can keep the water hot for half an hour
at the following temperatures: 7C, 80°C
and 90°C.
To do this, press the button after you
have selected a temperature.
The light on the button will light up.
The keep warm will remain active, even if
you take the jug from the base for up to a
Not for 100°C! The keep warm function
cannot be combined with this temperature.