Quick start:
Press the button after putting the jug on
to boil.
The water will be heated to 10C.
Ending/Terminating operation
There are three options for ending/terminating the
boiling process:
The appliance will switch off after the boiling
You can press the
button again in order to
end the boiling process.
Take the jug from the base.
The light on the
button will go out.
When pouring the water out, keep the lid
During operation the housing becomes hot.
Do not touch it and allow the device to cool
down before storing it away.
Remove the mains plug.
Emptying the water container.
Tea strainer
You can replace the lid of the kettle with the tea
strainer. See the illustration.
1. In order to open the strainer, rotate it slightly in
an anticlockwise direction.
2. Add the tea and close the strainer again.
3. Put the tea strainer on instead of the lid.
4. Use the plunger to determine when and for how
long the tea is supposed to brew.
To prepare tea, refer to the TeaMax mark.
Bring 1.2 litres (max.) of water to the boil.
The tea strainer should only be immersed in
water if the desired temperature has been
The tea strainer will continue to drip!
Clean the appliance as described and allow it to
We recommend that you keep the appliance in
the original packaging if it will not be used for
long periods.
Always store the appliance out of the reach of
children in a dry, well ventilated place.
Always turn the device off before cleaning
it and remove the mains plug. Wait until the
device has cooled down.
Never immerse the device or the base in
water or other liquids.
This may result in electric shock orre.
Do not use any wire brush or other abrasive
Do not use any acidic or abrasive detergents.
Clean the perforated area in the spout with a
nylon brush from the inside.
Rinse out the water jug and the tea strainer with
clear water. Dry everything with a cloth.
Clean the housing after use with a slightly damp
The frequency of the decalcifying operation
depends on the hardness of the water and on
how often the appliance is used.
If the machine switches off before the water
boils, it probably needs to be decalcied.
Please do not use vinegar but a commercially
available decalcication agent on the basis of
citric acid. Only use the quantities stated in the