Vitek VT-2452 W Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [10/56]
View of the preset modes
In one-step cooking mode press the «Power»
button (19), the preset cooking power will be
shown on the display (6) for 5 seconds.
To check the preset delayed start time press
the «Setting» button (14), delayed start time
will be shown on the display (6) for 5 seconds.
In one-step cooking mode press the «Clock»
button (17) to check the current time, the cur-
rent time will be shown on the display (6) for
5 seconds.
Display indications
In standby mode the current time is shown on
the display (6) and the separating dots (15)
are flashing.
In cooking program setting mode the corre-
sponding values and icons will be shown on
the display (6).
During the operation the remaining cooking
time and the operation mode icons will be
shown on the display (6).
Sound signals
Every pressing of the control panel (7) buttons
is confirmed by a sound signal.
After the cooking program ends you will hear
sound signals.
If you incorrectly input the data, you’ll hear
two sound signals.
Clean the unit regularly. Absence of due care
may may affect the unit operation, cause
wear of the unit surfaces and create a haz-
ard to the user.
Before cleaning, switch the unit off and unplug
Provide that moisture does not get on the
unit’s control panel, clean it with a soft, slightly
damp cloth and then wipe it dry.
Keep the oven cavity clean. When food rem-
nants or splatters stick to the unit walls,
remove them with a damp tissue.
If the cavity is too dirty, you may use a soft
Do not use abrasives and metal brushes to
clean inner and outer surfaces of the oven.
Provide that no water or detergent gets into
the air and steam outlets located on the unit
body and lid.
Do not use ammonia-based detergents.
Wipe the unit’s outer surface with a clean,
slightly damp cloth.
Keep the oven door clean. Provide that no
crumbs and food remnants accumulate bet-
ween the door and the front panel of the oven as
it prevents the door from normal closing.
Regularly remove dust and dirt from the venti-
lation openings on the oven body, which serve
for cooling air intake.
Regularly take out and clean the glass rotary
bottom plate and the roller support, wipe the
bottom of the oven cavity.
Wash the glass bottom plate and the roller
support in warm water with a neutral deter-
gent. You can wash these parts in a dishwash-
ing machine.
Do not immerse the heated glass rotary bot-
tom plate into cold water: the glass plate can
splinter due to extreme temperature differ-
The unit creates interference
in the reception of TV and radio
During operation of the unit, interference in the reception of
TV and radio signals can appear. Similar interference appears
during operation of small electrical appliances such as a mixer,
a vacuum cleaner and a hairdryer. It is normal.
Dim lighting Oven cavity lighting can be low when low microwave power level
has been set. It is normal.
Steam accumulation on the
door, hot air output from the
ventilation openings.
During cooking, steam can come out from the products. Most
of the steam comes out through the ventilation openings, but
some part of it can accumulate on the inner side of the door.
It is normal.
The microwave oven has been
switched on without food inside.
Switching the unit on without food for a short time does not
cause its damage. Always make sure that there are food
products in the unit before switching it on
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