Vitek VT-2452 W Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [4/56]
center at the contact address list given in
the warranty certificate and on the website
WARNING: During operation, the outer sur-
faces of the oven get hot.
WARNING: During operation of the unit the
temperature of the inner surfaces of the cav-
ity can be high.
It is necessary to clean the oven regularly and
remove all remaining food.
Insufficient oven cleanness may damage the
surface, which may decrease the unit operat-
ing life and cause danger.
This unit is not intended for activation by an
external timer or a separate remote control
This unit is designed for household or similar
use, in places such as:
kitchens for employees in shops, offices and
other service premises;
farm houses;
hotels, motels and other accommodations;
B&B hotels;
The microwave oven is intended for reheat-
ing food and beverages. Drying food or
clothes, warming up hot-water bags, slip-
pers, sponges, damp cloth and other similar
objects may cause risk of damage, inflamma-
tion or fire.
Do not place the unit in a cupboard.
Before using the unit, read this instruction man-
ual carefully; keep this manual for future refer-
Use the unit according to its intended purpose
only, as it is stated in this user manual. Mis-
handling the unit can lead to its breakage and
cause harm to the user or damage to his/her
To avoid burns, electric shock, fire, expo-
sure to leakage of microwave radiation and
personal injury, strictly follow the most im-
portant safety measures given below.
Before switching the oven on for the first
time, make sure that the mains voltage cor-
responds to the voltage specified on the unit
Use the microwave oven only for the intended
purposes, as specified in this manual.
The microwave oven is intended for cooking
food and heating ready meals.
Do not switch the unit on without food inside.
Observe safety measures to avoid fire in the
oven cavity:
when heating food in a plastic or paper
package, watch the heating process to
prevent package ignition;
before putting paper or plastic bags in the
unit, remove wire twist-ties (clamps) from
in case of fire inside the oven, switch it off
and unplug it immediately without opening
the door not to let the fire spread;
do not use the oven cavity for storage of
any objects; do not leave paper or food
inside it.
This unit is not intended for activation via an
external timer or a separate remote control
Cookware should be preliminarily tested for
microwave safety.
Cookware can heat up strongly from the
cooked products, thus it is necessary to use
Be careful taking cookware out of the oven
as strong boiling of liquids may happen after
you have finished heating them in the micro-
wave oven.
Shell eggs and whole hard-boiled eggs
should not be heated in the microwave oven
since they may explode due to increase of
inner pressure.
Feeding bottles and baby food jars should be
placed in the oven without lids or teats. The
contents should be stirred or shaken periodi-
cally. Before feeding the baby from a bottle or
a jar, check the temperature of its content to
avoid scalding.
Never leave the operating unit unattended.
For children safety reasons do not leave poly-
ethylene bags, used as a packaging, unat-
Attention! Do not allow children to play with
polyethylene bags or packaging film. Danger of
Close supervision is necessary when chil-
dren or disabled persons are near the oper-
ating unit.
Do not allow children to touch the unit body
and the power cord during operation.
The unit is not intended for usage by physi-
cally or mentally disabled persons (including
children) or by persons lacking experience or
knowledge if they are not under supervision
of a person who is responsible for their safety
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