Vitek VT-2452 W Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [5/56]
or if they are not instructed by this person on
the usage of the unit.
Do not leave children unattended to prevent
using the unit as a toy.
Do not block the ventilation openings on the
microwave oven body.
Do not immerse the power cord and power
plug into water or other liquids.
Make sure that the power cord and the power
cord plug do not touch hot surfaces or sharp
edges of furniture.
When unplugging the unit, pull the plug but
not the cord.
Do not attempt to repair the unit. Do not dis-
assemble the unit by yourself, if any mal-
function is detected or after it was dropped,
unplug the unit and apply to any authorized
service center at the contact addresses
given in the warranty certificate and on the
Do not use the unit outdoors.
Transport the unit in the original package only.
For environment protection do not discard the
unit with usual household waste after its ser-
vice life expiration; apply to a specialized cen-
ter for further recycling.
Keep the unit out of reach of children and dis-
abled persons.
The unit should be securely grounded. In case
of any inner short circuit, grounding reduces the
risk of electric shock, because the current will
pass through the ground wire. The power cord
used in the microwave oven has a grounding wire
and a plug with a grounding contact.
The plug should be connected to a mains outlet
with a grounding contact.
Connecting a plug with a grounding contact to
a socket with no grounding contact can lead
to the risk of electric shock.
Consult a qualified electrician if the oven
grounding instructions are not clear to you
or if you are not sure that the unit is securely
To prevent tangling of the power cord, the
microwave oven is equipped with a short
power cord.
If it is necessary to use an extension cord, use
only a 3-wire extension cord with a grounding
contact on the plug and in the socket.
Wire section marking of the microwave
oven cord and of the extension cord should
The extension cord should not hang from the
edges of the table, where children can pull
it and it should be placed in such way that
excludes possibility of stepping on it.
WARNING: Open hermetic or vacuum food
package before cooking or warming the food
in the microwave oven. Otherwise the pres-
sure that will build up inside the package can
burst it.
Shell eggs and whole hard-boiled eggs
should not be heated in the microwave oven
since they may explode due to increase of
inner pressure.
Pierce pithy products (such as potatoes, veg-
etable marrows or apples) in several points
before cooking.
Feeding bottles and baby food jars should be
placed in the oven without lids or teats. The
contents should be stirred or shaken peri-
odically. The contents’ temperature should
be checked before feeding to avoid scalding.
When cooking bacon, do not put it directly on
the glass rotary bottom plate, local overheat-
ing of the bottom plate can lead to its cracking.
Use only microwave-safe cookware; put it on
the glass bottom plate.
For even heating of products, put thicker
slices near the edges of the cookware.
Watch the cooking time. Set the shortest
cooking time, it can be increased if necessary.
Do not exceed the cooking time, it can lead to
inflammation of the products.
Cook products under a microwave-safe lid.
The lid prevents juice or fat splattering and
provides even cooking of food. Do not fry
products in the microwave oven without using
special cookware and protective lid.
To speed up the cooking process, turn over
fast-food products (e.g. hamburgers) once.
Large pieces of meat must be turned over at
least twice during cooking.
Stir the food during cooking both from top to
bottom and from the center of the dish to the
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