Vitek VT-2452 W Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [11/56]
Failure Possible reason Solution
The unit cannot be
switched on
The power cord plug is not
properly inserted in the
Pull the plug out of the socket.
After 10 seconds insert the plug into the
socket again
Malfunction of the electric
Try to connect another unit to the same
There is no heating The door is not closed
Close the door tightly
During operation the
glass rotary bottom plate
produces foreign sounds
The lower part of the oven
cavity or the roller support
is dirty
Wash the glass bottom plate, the roller
support and the bottom of the oven
Technical specifications
Operation conditions:
Air temperature From +10°С to +35°С
Relative air humidity 35-80%
Atmospheric pressure 86-106 kPa (650 – 800 mm Hg)
Main specifications
Power supply 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Rated input power 1200 W
Rated output microwave power 700 W
Microwave efficiency (%) 56%
Operation frequency 2450 ± 49 MHz
Cavity capacity 20 L
Glass rotary bottom plate diameter 245 mm
Dimensions 262x452x318 mm
Net weight Approximately 10,5 kg.
Delivery set
Microwave oven 1 pc.
Glass bottom plate 1 pc.
Roller support 1 pc.
Instruction manual 1 pc.
Warranty certificate 1 pc.
Individual packing 1 pc.
The manufacturer preserves the right to change
the design and the specifications of the unit
without a preliminary notification.
Unit operating life is 3 years
Details regarding guarantee conditions can be
obtained from the dealer from whom the appli-
ance was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt
must be produced when making any claim under
the terms of this guarantee.
This product conforms to the EMC-
Requirements as laid down by the Council
Directive 2004/108/ЕС and to the Low
Voltage Regulation (2006/95/ЕС)
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