Thetford campy potti excellence manual Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [4/65]
1 Introduction
Congratulations on selecting this
Thetford portable toilet! You have made
an excellent choice. This portable toilet is
user-friendly, meets high quality
standards and gives you all the
convenience of home.
Before operating and using this toilet
we advise you to read the manual
completely. Keep this manual in a safe
place for future reference.
For the latest version of the manual
please visit
Symbols used
Special attention required
Caution (possible risk of injury or
product damage)
2 Preparing for use
Your portable toilet is made up of two
detachable sections: the waste-holding
tank of 21L and the flush-water tank of
15L. Before using the toilet, it is vital that
you add toilet additives to both tanks.
Check the correct dosage on the additive
package. Then add 3L of water to the
waste-holding tank and fill the flush-
water tank to the top.
If you have a toilet with an electric pump,
insert six batteries before use.
Never add toilet additives directly
via the blade as this could damage
the lip seal of the waste-holding tank.
Only fill the waste-holding tank via the
pour out spout.
See ‘Quick Guide’ pictures 1-12 for
visual reference.
Thetford offers a pleasantly-
scented toilet fluid for the flush-
water tank (Aqua Rinse) and a
variety of waste-holding tank products
(Aqua Kem Blue, Aqua Kem Green, Aqua
Kem Natural, Aqua Kem Sachets).
Aqua Rinse keeps the flush water fresh,
ensures a smooth flush and leaves a
protective layer. All products for the
waste-holding tank suppress unpleasant
smells, stimulate the breakdown of
waste, reduce the formation of gas,
protect moving parts and help to keep
your waste-holding tank fresh and
clean. For the differences between
the distinguishing qualities of each
waste-holding tank product please visit
The range of available Toilet Care
products may vary for each country.
Flush-water tank
1 Cover
2 Seat
3 Toilet bowl
4a Piston pump
4b Electric pump
5 Level indicator
flush-water tank
6 Water filler cap
7 Blade handle
8 Clasp
9 Water filler adaptor
Waste-holding tank
10 Pour out spout
11 Cap+measuring cup
12 Blade opener
13 Vent button
14 Level indicator
waste-holding tank
15 Toilet roll holder
16 Lip seal
17 Vent seal
Main parts
Floor plate
This allows you to attach
the toilet to the floor,
wherever you like. One
simple action releases
the toilet.
Optional extra for your toilet