Thetford campy potti excellence manual Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [6/65]
10 Questions?
If you require further information about
your toilet, please visit our website: If you still have
questions, please contact the Customer
Service Department either in your
country or your holiday location
(see the addresses on the back).
For correct and efficient support,
please ensure all relevant product
type information is available
(see last page).
Spare parts
Original Thetford spare parts are
available through your own dealer or
authorised Thetford Service Centre.
What do I need to do when the level
indicator of the waste-holding tank
doesn’t work? Check whether the float in
the waste-holding tank is still in place or
whether dirt is obstructing its function.
What do I need to do if the blade doesn’t
open? Travelling may cause over-
pressure in the tank. Unscrew the cap
of the pour out spout and slowly pull the
blade handle sideways.
11 Warranty
Thetford BV offers end users of its
portable toilets a three-year guarantee.
In the case of malfunction within the
warranty period, Thetford will offer a
replacement or repair the product at its
1. To make a claim under this guarantee,
the user must take the product to the
point of sale or an authorised Thetford
Service Centre (
The claim will be assessed there.
2. Components replaced during repair
under guarantee become the property
of Thetford.
3. This warranty does not prejudice
current consumer protection laws.
4. Guarantee claims falling into one of the
following categories will not be accepted:
• the product has been improperly used,
or the instructions in the manual have
not been followed (for example incorrect
use of additives); • alterations have
been made to the product; • the product
code or serial ID has been changed;
• the product has been damaged by
circumstances outside the normal use of
the product.
5. Not using Thetford products to care for
your Thetford toilet could create some
damage, which would not be covered by
this warranty.
Thetford is not liable for any loss and/or
damage, caused directly or indirectly by
use of the toilet.
Thetford is not responsible for printing errors and
reserves the right to make changes to product
specifications without notice.
Réservoir d’eau propre
1 Couvercle
2 Lunette
3 Cuvette des toilettes
4a Pompe à piston
4b Pompe électrique
5 Indicateur de niveau
du réservoir
d’eau propre
6 Bouchon de
remplissage d’eau
7 Poignée d’ouverture
du clapet
8 Fermoir
9 Adaptateur de
remplissage d’eau
Réservoir à matières
10 Bras de vidange
11 Bouchon doseur
12 Poignée d’ouverture
13 Bouton de mise
à l’air libre
14 Indicateur de niveau
de réservoir
à matières
15 Porte-rouleau de
papier toilette
16 Joint de clapet
17 Joint de mise à
l’air libre
Principaux composants
Embase de fixation au sol
Elle vous permet de fixer
vos toilettes au plancher,
à l’emplacement de votre
choix.Une simple action
permet de libérer ces
Option pour vos toilettes