Sony FD TRINITRON KP-48PS1K Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [4/187]
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Overview of Remote Control Buttons
Resetting to factory set levels
Press not only to return picture and sound
settings to factory-set levels, but also to re-
install the projection TV as the first time it
was switched on.
After the "Language/Country" menu
appeared on the screen, proceed in the same
way as described in the section "Switching on
the Projection TV and automatically Tuning"
of this instruction manual.
VCR on/off
Press to switch your VCR on or off.
Muting the Sound
Press to mute TV sound.
Press again to restore the sound.
Selecting TV mode
Press to switch off Teletext or video input.
PAP (Picture And Picture)
For more details, please refer to the section
"Using PAP (Picture And Picture)".
Selecting Teletext
Press to switch on Teletext.
Displaying EPG
Press to display the Electronic Programme
Guide (EPG). Press again to switch off EPG.
Freezing the picture
Press to freeze the picture. Press again to
return to the normal picture.
Selecting channels
Press to select channels.
For double-digit programme numbers, e.g.
23, press -/-- first, then the buttons 2 and 3.
If you enter an incorrect first digit, this
should be corrected by entering another digit
(0-9) and then selecting -/-- button again to
enter the programme number of your choice.
Selecting Sound mode
Press repeatedly to change the sound mode.
Selecting Picture mode
Press repeatedly to change the picture mode.
Adjusting TV Volume
Press to adjust the volume of the TV.
Displaying the time
Press to switch the time on or off
(available only when teletext is
VCR operation
For more details, please refer to the
section "Remote Control of other
Sony Equipment".
To Temporarily Switch Off projection TV
Press to temporarily switch off TV (the standby
on projection TV lights up). Press
again to switch on TV from standby mode.
To save energy we recommend switching off completely
when TV is not in use.
After 15-30 minutes without a signal and
without any button being pressed, the
projection TV switches automatically into
standby mode.
Displaying On Screen Information
Press to display all on-screen indications.
Press again to cancel.
Selecting Input source
Press repeatedly until the desired input symbol of
the source appears on the screen.
Back to the channel last watched
Press to watch the last channel selected (watched for
at least 5 seconds).
Selecting Screen format
Press repeteadly to change the format of the screen
4:3 for a conventional 4:3 picture or 16:9 for a
imitation of wide screen effect. 16:9 picture is
available only if you have selected Digital Mode DRC
100 (PAL mode) in the Picture Adjustment menu.
Displaying Multi PIP (Picture In Picture)
Press to display Multi PIP mode. Press again to
Joystick for menu selection
When MENU is switched on:
4 Scroll Up
$ Scroll Down
Z Previous menu or selection
z Next menu or selection
OK Confirms your selection
When MENU is switched off:
Z Return to the last menu screen.
OK Shows a channel overview
Selecting channels
Press to select the next or previous channel.
Displaying the menu system
Press to display the menu on the screen. Press again
to remove the menu display from the screen.
Besides TV functions, all coloured buttons as well as green
symbols are also used for Teletext operation. For more details,
please refer to the "Teletext" section of this instruction manual.