Sony FD TRINITRON KP-53PS1K Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [29/187]
Optional Connections
Optional Connections
Smartlink is a direct link between your projection TV set and a VCR.
For Smartlink you need:
A VCR which supports Smartlink, NextView Link, Easy Link or Megalogic.
Megalogic is a trademark of Grundig Corporation.
EasyLink is a trademark of Philips Corporation.
A fully-wired 21 pin SCART cable to connect your VCR to the Scart connector :2/q2
(SMARTLINK) on the rear of the Projection TV.
The features of Smartlink are:
Tuning information such as the channel overview are the projection
TV set to the VCR.
Direct projection TV recording: While watching TV you need to press just one button on
the VCR to record this programme.
Automatically switching on: With the projection TV in standby mode, pressing the
“Play z” button on your VCR automatically switches the TV on.
If you have connected a decoder to a VCR which supports Smartlink feature, select
the menu Further Programme Preset in the (Manual Set Up) menu and select
DECODER AV2 to each coded channel. For more details, please refer to the section
"Using the Further Programme Preset function" of this instruction manual.
For more information on Smartlink, please refer to the Instruction Manual of your
Using the buttons underneath the cover of the remote control you can
control other Sony equipment.
1 Open the cover of the Remote Control.
2 Set the selector VTR 1234 DVD according to the equipment you want to control:
VTR 1 Beta VCR
VTR 2 8 mm VCR
VTR 4 Digital Video (DCR-VX 1000/9000 E, VHR-1000)
DVD Digital Video Disk
3 Use the buttons underneath the cover on the remote control to operate the equipment.
If your equipment has a COMMAND MODE selector, set this
selector to the same position as the VTR 1234 DVD selector on the
projection TV Remote Control.
If the equipment does not have a certain function, the corresponding
button on the remote control will not work.
Remote Control of other Sony Equipment
VTR 1 2 3 4 DVD
VTR 1 2 3 4 DVD
Rear of projection TV