Sony FD TRINITRON KP-53PS1K Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [31/187]
Additional Information
Additional Information
TV system
B/G/H, D/K, I, L
Colour system
NTSC 3.58, 4.43 (only Video In)
Channel coverage
VHF: E2-E12
UHF: E21-E69
CATV: S1-S20
HYPER: S21-S41
D/K: R1-R12, R21-R69
I: UHF B21-B69
L: F2-F10, B-Q, F21-F69
Projected picture size
61 inches (approx. 155 cm measured diagonally)
53 inches (approx. 135 cm measured diagonally)
48 inches (approx. 122 cm measured diagonally)
Rear Terminals
Centre speaker input terminals (2 terminals)
(L, R) audio outputs (phono jacks)
:1/ 21-pin Euro connector (CENELEC standard)
including audio/video input, RGB input,
TV audio/video output.
:2/q 2 21-pin Euro connector (CENELEC standard)
including audio/video input, S video input,
selectable audio/video output.
:3/q 3 21-pin Euro connector (CENELEC standard)
including audio/video input, S video input,
audio/video output (monitor out).
Front Terminals
AV4 inputs:
q S video input - 4 pin DIN
video input - phono jack
audio inputs - phono jacks
Headphones jack - minijack stereo
Sound output
2 x 30 W (music power)
2 x 15 W (RMS)
Centre SP input
30 W (RMS) (using as the centre speaker)
Power consumption
225 W
Standby Power consumption
< 0.7 W
Dimensions (w x h x d)
KP-61PS1K: Approx. 1372 x 1547 x 662 mm
KP-53PS1K: Approx. 1218 x 1423 x 623 mm
KP-48PS1K: Approx. 1106 x 1340 x 562 mm
KP-61PS1K: Approx. 90 kg
KP-53PS1K: Approx. 76 kg
KP-48PS1K: Approx. 69 kg
Accessories supplied
1 Remote Control (RM-892)
2 Batteries (IEC designated)
Other features
100 Hz picture
Digital Comb filter (High resolution)
TELETEXT, Fastext, TOPtext
Sleep Timer
Digital Noise detection
Graphic Equaliser
Personal ID
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Ecological Paper - Totally Chlorine Free