Fein ASCM 18 Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [18/154]
Original Instructions.
Symbols, abbreviations and terms used.
Symbol, character Explanation
Do not touch the rotating parts of the power tool.
Make sure to read the enclosed documents such as the Instruction Manual and the General
Safety Instructions.
Observe the instructions in the text or graphic opposite!
Before commencing this working step, remove the battery from the power tool. Otherwise
there may be danger of injury caused by unintentional starting of the power tool.
Use eye protection during operation.
Use ear protection during operation.
Use protective gloves during operation.
Do not charge damaged batteries.
Keep the battery away from fire. Protect the battery against heat, e. g. against continuous
intense sunlight.
Observe the information in the adjacent text!
Additional information.
Gripping surface
Confirms the conformity of the power tool with the directives of the European Community.
This symbol confirms the certification of this product for the USA and Canada.
This sign indicates a possible dangerous situation that could cause severe or fatal injury.
Recycling symbol: designates recyclable materials
Worn out power tools and other electrotechnical and electrical products should be sorted
separately for environmental-friendly recycling.
Battery type
1. gear/2. gear/3. gear/4. gear
Drilling diameter, steel
Drilling diameter, wood
Drilling diameter, stone
Chuck clamping range
Screw diameter
Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003
* Weight with quick-change bit holder and battery pack
Low speed
High speed
3. 4.
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