Fein ASCM 18 Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [21/154]
The motor switches off when reaching the set torque and
an audio signal sounds. After the shut-off has taken place,
release the on/off switch and press it again for the next
screwdriving operation.
The audio signal can be switched on and off.
The electronic shut-off is deactivated when working in
the “ ” torque level.
To achieve good working results, press the power tool
with sufficient force against the screw.
Handling the battery.
Operate and charge the battery only within the battery
operating-temperature range of 0°C 45°C (32°F
113°F). At the beginning of the charging procedure, the
battery temperature must be within the battery operat-
ing-temperature range.
The real percentage of the battery charge condition is
only indicated when the power tool motor is stopped.
The electronics automatically switch off the motor prior
to the battery being deep discharged.
Repair and customer service.
When working metal under extreme operat-
ing conditions, it is possible for conductive
dust to settle in the interior of the power tool.
Blow out the interior of the power tool via the ventila-
tion slots frequently with dry and oil-free compressed air.
The current spare parts list for this power tool can be
found in the Internet at www.fein.com.
If required, you can change the following parts yourself:
application tools, battery
Warranty and liability.
The warranty for the product is valid in accordance with
the legal regulations in the country where it is marketed.
In addition, FEIN also provides a guarantee in accordance
with the FEIN manufacturer’s warranty declaration.
The delivery scope of your power tool may include only
a part of the accessories described or shown in this
Instruction Manual.
Declaration of conformity.
FEIN declares itself solely responsible for this product
conforming with the relevant provisions given on the last
page of this Instruction Manual.
Technical documents at: C. & E. FEIN GmbH, C-DB_IA,
D-73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Environmental protection, disposal.
Packaging, worn out power tools and accessories should
be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling.
Dispose of batteries only when discharged.
For batteries that are not completely discharged, insulate
the terminals with tape as a protective measure against
LED indicator Meaning Activity
1 4 green
Percentage of
charge condi-
red light
Battery is
almost empty
Charge battery
Red flashing
Battery is not
ready for
Bring the battery into
the battery operating-
temperature range, then
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