Fein ASCM 18 Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [20/154]
Do not rivet or screw any name-plates or signs onto the
power tool. If the insulation is damaged, protection
against an electric shock will be ineffective. Adhesive
labels are recommended.
Do not use accessories which are not specifically
designed and recommended by the power tool manufac-
turer. Safe operation is not ensured merely because an
accessory fits your power tool.
Clean the ventilation openings on the power tool at regu-
lar intervals using non-metal tools. The blower of the
motor draws dust into the housing. An excessive accu-
mulation of metallic dust can cause an electrical hazard.
Never look or stare into the light of the power tool’s lamp
from a short distance. Never point the light of the lamp
into the eyes of other persons in close vicinity. The radi-
ation produced by the lamp can be harmful for the eye.
Do not direct the power tool against yourself, other per-
sons or animals. Danger of injury from sharp or hot
application tools.
Use and handling of the battery (battery pack).
To avoid hazardous situations such as burns, fire, explo-
sion, skin injuries, and other injuries when handling the
battery, observe the following instructions:
Batteries must not be disassembled, opened or reduced
in size. Do not subject batteries to mechanical impact or
shock. Hazardous vapours and fluid can escape in case of
damage and improper use of the battery. The vapours can
irritate the respiratory system. Liquid ejected from the
battery may cause skin irritations or burns.
When battery fluid from a damaged battery has come into
contact with objects close by, check the respective com-
ponents, clean them or replace them as required.
Keep the battery away from heat and fire. Do not store the
battery in direct sunlight.
Do not remove the battery from its original packaging
until it is going to be used.
Before any work on the machine itself, remove the bat-
tery from the power tool. If the power tool accidentally
starts, there is danger of injury.
Remove the battery only when the power tool is switched
Keep the battery away from children.
Keep the battery clean and protect it against moisture
and water. Clean contaminated battery terminals and
power tool connections with a dry, clean cloth.
Use only intact original FEIN batteries that are intended
for your power tool. When working with and charging
incorrect, damaged, repaired or reconditioned batteries,
imitations or other brands, there is danger of fire and/or
Follow the safety warnings in the operating instructions
of the battery charger.
Hand/arm vibrations
The vibration emission level given in this information
sheet has been measured in accordance with a standard-
ised test given in EN 60745 and may be used to compare
one tool with another. It may be used for a preliminary
assessment of exposure.
The declared vibration emission level represents the
main applications of the tool. However, if the tool is used
for different applications, with different accessories or
poorly maintained, the vibration emission may differ.
This may significantly increase the exposure level over
the total working period.
An estimation of the level of exposure to vibration
should also take into account the times when the tool is
switched off or when it is running but not actually doing
the job. This may significantly reduce the exposure level
over the total working period.
Identify additional safety measures to protect the opera-
tor from the effects of vibration such as: maintain the tool
and the accessories, keep the hands warm, organisation
of work patterns.
Handling hazardous dusts
For work procedures with this power tool where mate-
rial is removed, dusts develop that can be hazardous to
one’s health.
Contact with or inhaling some dust types, e. g. asbestos
and asbestos-containing materials, lead-containing coat-
ings, metal, some wood types, minerals, silicate particles
from materials containing stone, paint solvents, wood
preservatives, antifouling paints for vessels, can trigger
allergic reactions to the operator or bystanders and/or
lead to respiratory infections, cancer, birth defects or
other reproductive harm. The risk from inhaling dusts
depends on the exposition. Use dust extraction matched
appropriately for the developing dust, as well as personal
protective equipment and provide for good ventilation of
the workplace. Leave the processing of asbestos-contain-
ing materials to specialists.
Wood and light-metal dust, hot mixtures of sanding dust
and chemical materials can self-ignite under unfavourable
conditions or cause an explosion. Avoid sparking in the
direction of the dust collector as well as overheating of
the power tool and the materials being sanded, empty the
dust collector/container in time, observe the material
manufacturer’s working instructions, as well as the rele-
vant regulations in your country for the materials being
Operating Instructions.
Adjust the rotational direction switch and the gear switch
only when the machine is at a complete stop.
Always push the gear switch through to the stop. Other-
wise, the machine can become damaged.
Thermal overload of the power tool is indicated through
flashing of the LED in the handle.
In case of overload, the machine switches off.
To avoid accidental starting, e. g., during transport, set
the rotation selector switch to the centre position.
Electronic torque shut-off (see pages 8 9).
Adjust the torque only when the machine is at a complete
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